Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ohhh, no you didn't!

Here is the the converstion between me and coworker today:
Him: " Aaron, are you taking jiu jitsu?"
Me: "Yes"
Him:"How Long have you been doing it?"
Me: " About 7 months"
Him: " Oh, I thought you'd be good."

Then he just turned and left me with my mouth wide open and the Ohh, no you didn't look on my face.
Now, I was kind of taken aback by his comment. I wanted to toss him an invite to come roll with me at the gym. I thought about that tonight when I was rolling, and I know I am just 7 months into this. If blackbelts were so easy in BJJ then everyone would have one. I have never claimed to be the best, bragged about being better than someone, or tried to imply that I am better than someone. There are legends in the sport, that train 8 hours a day, why to be better.
I try, I am doing more than most people, I want to be better and I have told several people that BJJ has changed my life and the me now would kill the me 7 months ago. I am faster, stronger, healthier, and my techniques are improving. The good thing about BJJ, it is a changing sport, it is evolutionary and new techniques are getting taught and modified on a daily basis.
So "Mr. I thought you were better," In a way I am better, and 7 more months from now I will be better, and 2 years from now, guess what, I will be better. So yes, I am better.


  1. Excellent conclusion. You are right; you are better!

    Who is this guy? Does he train? Sounds jealous to me! :)

  2. Yeh a little jealous or doesn't know what he is talking about

  3. He's just ignorant. It takes a long time to be able to look around and really FEEL like you have in fact learned something, and are no longer the worst/least technical/least able in the room. That took me about a year and a half. So just keep up the good work :)

  4. Thanks! Ashley and Georgette! I know he probably didn't actually know what he was stalking about.

    I am just going to keep training hard and improving.

  5. I have maybe 4 month under my belt and some times I have a feeling that I should be better. Yesterday I was reminded that do basics for two years - thats enough for mean while.
    Someway it's relaxing to know that you are alloud to make mistakes...