Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wrong turn!

You know the movie where a bunch of teenagers makes a wrong turn or tries to find a shorter route and they end up in the woods and the next thing you know they are running from some homicidal maniac Three Finger and crew with bows and arrows and trying to survive and get out of the woods alive.

Wrong turns always spell disaster in movies and in life it causes quite a bit of frustration. Let someone say to you while you are driving, that you have just made a wrong turn or you try to take a short cut and end up miles from where you intended. All of a sudden, you kind of get a little anxiety and sometimes small panic attacks set in and you start trying to figure out how far the next off ramp is located or the next turn around so you can make the correct turn and get back on the intended route and make up the time you lost.

I said all that to get to this, I found myself the last couple of days rolling and  making the wrong turns. I always ended up with my back against my opponent, while they would have side control and quickly "S-mount." Immediately I wouldn't realize what happened, until I hear my inner voice say "Arm bar! You made the wrong turn again!" or I see an opening from half guard and end up pulling my leg through or swimming my arm the wrong way, or just try something crazy. Next thing you know, my opponent has taken my back, sunk in their hooks and started working submissions.

There is no denying, once you make that decision and commit and try to escape and you end up in a bad position.You have to figure a way out, you have to figure out how to escape from the homicidal maniacs. At least 1 out 5 stranded teenagers out smarts a murderer in the movies, and I suspect if someone can survive and evade several attempts on their life. If that is possible, I can understand out how to get out of making a wrong turn and avoid trouble all together. 

Please let me know your thoughts, feedback, and comments. I have been getting really great feedback and I would like to encourage all to keep it up!

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