Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Tournament Results

Well,  last weekend I competed in my First tournament and I had an absolute blast despite being really nervous.I was so nervous, I thought I was going to throw up on the way to Myrtle Beach and while I was weighing in at the tournament.

I made it through the weigh ins at 213lbs, which is where I wanted to be and started looking at the competition that had signed up, only 3 people in my division. One of which was, Billy, another white belt from my school. He and I would square off against each other in the 200-225lb division and have several matches to boot.

Billy lost his first match by points, and that set me up to go against my first opponent.We squared off and slapped hands and the crowd went silent. My heart beat was echoing in my ears and my breathing was erratic. I kept trying to get the take down, and pulled a very sloppy guard. There was a back and forth exchange of positions and we ended up back on our feet. I managed to grab a leg and get the single leg take down. I tried several kimuras from the top and got swept. He left his arm in and ended up getting him in a triangle. After watching the video and getting some feedback from everyone at my school, I missed several opportunities earlier in the match to go for a triangle.

I was on an high as I rolled into gi and submitted the same guy with a triangle I had submitted in no-gi. Then Billy and I faced off, there were several reversals back and forth. He got me in an Omaplata and rolled out and got side control. Eventually I caught my friend in a key lock and won the match by submission to take 1st in Gi. Do not worry Billy got his revenge on me in the Absolute white belt

  Going into white belt absolute, I was more nervous for this division. I ended up going against a guy that was about 175lbs and who seemed to me to be the Flash, disguised as a white belt. He was all over me and I could not shake him. He had my back and racked nice cushion of lead of 9-0. I ended up trying to escape and forgot to block his leg and ended up in a triangle. Ironic, huh?

Then Billy came back, and took third place in absolute, by defeating with an arm bar submission. By this point my cardio was shot and I was tired and hungry.

I ended up with 2 first place finishes and a not so bad showing in absolute for my first time. Overall, I am proud to have finished like I did. I never would have thought that I would have ever got enough nerve and would have ever been this physically ready to do something like this. I have exceeded a goal and met my biggest fear by doing this tournament. Now, unfortunately, I have the bug and I want to compete again! Congratulations to Billy, for a great showing in his first tournament!

Things to work on before my tournament:
1) Cardio- Back to Crossfit and Rolling more
2) Game plan- Get one and use it
3) BREATH!!!!
4) Drill my escapes over and over
5)Do the best I can, and learn from what I did wrong

Any and all feedback is welcome and let me know your thoughts on my performance or any tips that you would give me to work on for my next tournament. 


  1. Cool deal! I'm really glad you're enjoying this!

  2. Awesome! Congrats for competing and congrats on the wins! The first tournament is a huge step and competing is definitely addictive.

    In my opinion, competing is the best thing you can do for your BJJ game. It gives you focus in training and in health, and it tests you physically and mentally, in concentrate. The lessons you learn in competing, win or lose, are invaluable. I think competing is the one thing that is guaranteed to make you "improve faster".

    In terms of things to work on, I would just focus on the few things that stood out to *you* as problems. Then work to make sure they aren't a problem the next time. That's what I do, anyway!

    Again, congrats!

  3. Thanks! I had my instructor review my matches and he said there was some timing issues with some techniques, but the foundation was there.

    I know I do need to work on my cardio, the explosive pace of your opponent is not the same as rolling in class or open mat with your crew.

    Other than that, I think my first tournament has opened up my eyes and made me think a lot more when rolling. I try to make my transitions smoother and work my techniques.

    I agree the experience is invaluable, and it can let you know where you stand against others your same skill level. It also opens up the door for rolling with new people and different styles, which can open your game up tremendously.

    Thanks for your comments!Keep em coming!