Monday, November 21, 2011

All I want for Christmas is BJJ Gear!

With Christmas fast approaching, I decided to put my Christmas list out there for Santa,my wife and everyone else to see. I doubt I will get any of this,but who knows. I have been pretty nice this year!
So here is my BJJ Christmas list! Enjoy!!

1)Cyborg No-Gi DVD

This just came out a couple of weeks ago, and being that I took a seminar from him and had a chance to learn from him and see how he interacts with people. He has become one of my favorite BJJ practitioners. This is definite for the BJJ Christmas list!!!

2)Numero Dos!
The Shoyaroll batch #11. I know it will not be here until March/April of 2012, but to be honest I can wait. This item goes on sale at and is pre-order at 12am (PST) Friday morning after Thanksgiving, or 3 am here on the east coast.

3) My 2nd choice for a gi! Is the Break Point Reversible gi. 

4) Any of the T-shirts from MMA Warehouse.

5) Finishing off the top five on my wish list!!

Okay so I haven't really figured out item #5, but that one is on my to do list and has not been transferred over to the Christmas list.

Those are some of the items that hope to find under my tree! I am sure this list will change 100 times before Christmas.  What is on your BJJ Christmas list?

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