Sunday, December 18, 2011

If you had 3 BJJ wishes....

If you found a magic lamp and a Genie popped out wearing a gi, and told you that you could have 3 wishes, but they would be BJJ specific. What would you wish for?

As for my wishes, they would go like this:

1)   I wish I could have started training at a younger age. The benefits of me training earlier would benefit me physically and mentally. I would be less sore, more flexible, and be able to compete earlier.
2)    I wish I could compete on a world’s level and be competitive. I would love to roll with the likes of Galvoa, Abreu, Papovitch, Garcia, and others and be able to hold my own.
3)   As for my final wish, I love to hear and read the stories from the greats about their up and comings in the sport and art. I would wish to be able to draw on their inspiration and stories at any time to be able to continue to make me better. 

So what would your wishes consist of?


  1. 1) I'd wish I could fluently speak and read Portuguese and have electronic access to all the relevant historical information on BJJ.

    2) I'd wish Gracie Barra would reconsider their rule forcing you to wear only GB official gis on the mat.

    3) I'd wish women were treated with the same amount of respect as men in BJJ, so no more stupid "ooo, I'd like to be in Kyra's triangle" comments/threads, no more criticism of Gabi Garcia because of her powerful appearance, no more sexist crap in the locker rooms afterwards about female training partners, etc.

  2. Slidey - You are my favorite for your third wish. I think you are a bigger advocate for women on the mat then most females. You rock.

    My first two wishes are similar...

    1 - Start training at a younger age. I think 27 is a perfectly acceptable time to start, but I would love to have begun benefiting from it much earlier in my life.

    2 - I'd like compete more, in competitions all over the world.

    3 - I wish I could be like the BJJ Globetrotter and travel around the world just to train BJJ.

  3. Thanks for the comments!
    @ Slidey; I never thought of those choices before. Way to go!

    @ Stephanie: Having just 25% of the experience he had would be awesome. I cannot wait to read his book