Tuesday, December 20, 2011

North-South Side Effects

Last night Mike B and I were rolling, and he said he wanted to work on his top game.
We worked guard and he passed my half guard and got me into side control. He then transitioned into scarf hold and got some nice grips.  I thought well, this is one position I need to improve. As I tried to work my escape of bridging up, driving his head away with my forearm and hipping out to escape, Mike made his move to North-South.

Now, North-South. is not my favorite position, but last night was different. Mike’s pressure was excellent and I could not work my escape.

What I should have done...
I tried for several seconds to finesse my way out and then panic set in for some reason and I tried to muscle my way out. After several failed attempts to "Hulk” my way out, I started to get short of breath, freak out, and started to feel very claustrophobic. I quickly told him to get off me, and I was a little light headed, so I decided to sit out and watch.

                                                       What I actually did.....

After sitting out for 20 minutes or so, there was another white belt wandering around the mats looking for rolling partner. I was feeling better why not roll with him. I got on the mats and felt good rolling at a medium pace. We rolled for around 10 minutes and after I felt better.

Jiu-Jitsu is a sport for someone who is not afraid of tight spaces. In the pyramid of disadvantageous positions to be in while rolling, most people would say, turtle or mount. After my experience last night I choose North-South, apparently the side effect of being in the position may cause panic attacks.

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