Saturday, July 9, 2011

Illinois House Passes bill 1490! You are not going to believe this!

Just read this over at Jiu Jitsu Forums! Unbelievable!

Illinois House Passes Bill 1490;

Apparently, you can hold events ,but they have to be sanctioned through the athletic commission and amateur competitors must be registered with the commission as well and get clearance medical clearance from a doctor before an event. 

Also this Bill increased live gate tax from 3% to 7%, which is going to cost promoters and fans in the end.

This is going to kill tournaments and grappling in Illinois. I know I would not want to get medical clearance every time I want to compete in a tournament.

So far Naga has moved their summer event and IBJJF has cancelled their open. There is no telling the total impact of this bill. Please let me know your thoughts on this, drop a comment below.

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