Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inch by Inch

We only had class 2 days this week and we worked on one sweep and 3 variations of the leg rope pass.

I was pretty stoked about drilling these passes, because I usually get stuck when someone is playing open guard. It frustrates me to no end,when I can not pass someone's open guard. Unfortunately, I could not find a video of this pass to post,but it is in the Brown Belt section of Jiu Jitsu University page 227.  The other variations we drilled were  Leg Rope back, and Leg Rope side switch and smash pass.

I struggled on the switch and smash. I was not getting my angles correct and my opponent could move his legs, which is not what I wanted to happen. I am going to have to work on that during open mat and guard passing and defend, but the other 2 passes I drilled and tried them during pass and defend time at the end of class.Tim kept reminding us that guard passing is methodical and it is an inch by inch process. we have to take our time and feel out the pass and how the opponent reacts to our pass.

Open mat was pretty good, me and another white belt unleashed the fury. We rolled 2 or 3 consecutive times, each of us working some submissions and sweeps. He got me in a straight arm bar and I landed a kimura.

Then I rolled with the school's only purple belt and I after I successfully defended his infamous collar choke, Tim stepped in and got us to switch so he could defend and I could attack. His reasoning, was that the higher belts need to stop trying to submit me (the newest white belt) and allow me to work some offense and the higher belts to work their defense and I was all for that :P

I am the last person to sign up and stay for more than a week. That still makes me the new guy :P
Hopefully we will get some new people in the future, until then I will just keep on grinding it out, inch by inch.

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