Sunday, July 10, 2011

No-gi Sunday!

Today was Sunday, and just like any other Sunday a couple of us got together for some No gi rolling. Now if you remember from my post I don't know what to do with my hands... , I was struggling a little bit with grips and hand placement. So today I took my camera back to the gym to get some footage of how my rolls went.

My hand placement and death grip was little better today. I also gripped behind the head and triceps a lot more. I was really shocked that I got so many arm drags, when I just added that to my drilling a couple weeks ago. I was so stunned, I almost let them regain their balance as I stood in awe at my arm drag.

I was able to get the Kimura a couple of times and I also nailed a couple of arm drags and was able to get a submission by rear naked choke. I have also been using what I call a modified De La Riva sweep, and it is pretty high percentage sweep, but I have not perfected the transition to top or side mount yet.

I also noticed I was playing the half guard a lot, I guess that is my old faithful when I get in trouble. I feel like I am getting lazy in half guard and not trying to get out of trouble.I need to try and improve my half guard sweeps to better my position and get out of trouble.

I did however get caught in a couple triangles back to back. This was because I was sleeping and was not paying attention to my arms, because I was trying to work a pass or something. I ended up in his guard and swam one arm under his leg and he immediately broke my posture and boom! Triangle City!

We ended up doing 10 rounds of sparring, 4:00 minute rounds(No one knew how to work the gym boss to reset the timer-lol). I have a lot of video to watch and I am hoping to do a breakdown of it and see where a lot of my holes are.

I enjoy doing no gi it totally changes the aspects of the game. It does make me think a lot more, and makes me try new things. How does everyone else feel about no gi? Please leave comments and feedback below, all are greatly appreciated.

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